We are a small family owned in-home Ragdoll cattery located in Pilsen - Czech Republic, registered in FIFe as "Fiorente, CZ" since March 10th 2010 with n° 5999.

Our goal is to breed ragdolls exclusively in a small family oriented environment and surroundings only with a few cats at a time, thus ensuring a healthy development and upbringing of our loved ones.

We are dedicated to breed healthy, well socialized, genuine show-off ragdolls. We make sure our cats get a high standard nutrition and utmost care.

Our cats are only fed the freshest meat of the highest quality available. In addition, they get supergranule feed of Royal Canin brand and can food of the best quality, also sometimes we give them some dairy products to make their diet more interesting.

We sincerely care about our cats' health! We spend a considerable amount of finances to have both our cats and kittens tested periodically. Our cats are tested in genetic lab called Genomia s.r.o. for genetic diseases - PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) and HCM( Hypertofic cardiomyopatie) Their results always come negative. Furthermore, they get tested for various infectious diseases such as - FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) also with negative results. In addition, they undergo regular professional veterinary check-ups and their up-to date vaccinations.

Our cats come from world-known high standard breeding stations. We get our ragdolls imported from all over the world in order to bring back to live the true genuine bloodline of ragdolls in Europe and thus gain the best high quality breed of this kind available.

We export our kittens all throughout the world.

We are members of Pilsen Cat Club, ČSCH/SCHK, FIFe.

We firmly believe our kittens grow up in the best conditions to become the most beautiful, trouble free, vigorous and full of live of all.

We are a big five member family, therefore, taking turns, we constantly pay attention to and give our cats the care they deserve around the clock and they never have to feel they are left alone.

We really want to emphasize how much we care for our future customers to be happy and satisfied with our gorgeous, healthy and well behaved kittens. In return we would like to see our kittens being placed with happy caring families and future owners where they are pampered, well fed and cared for.

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